Porch Enclosure Panels


Since 1979 WeatherWall products have provided comfort, style and protection while allowing you to be the Master of the Weather! Mother Nature controlled by your Fingertips!

It’s almost like adding another room to you home or cottage. With Weatherwall Patio Panels you can enjoy your outdoor space earlier in Spring and later in Fall.

Convert unused porches, decks, gazebos, and cabanas into multipurpose areas.

Custom made patio panels compliment your home, are light weight, slide effortlessly, tilt for cleaning and reduce glare and solar heat gain.

Supplied with either charcoal or grey screen in two mesh sizes with colour coded installation screws.

Can be done full wall height (in some situations) or mulled together for larger openings. This simplifies installation while still providing  individual units.

Weatherwall Patio Panels are uniquely designed and custom sized to fit existing openings without additional framing. Versatile, rugged and attractive, they let in the breeze while screening out insects and debris. When closed they provide protection from rain, wind, and snow. Painted, lightweight frames hold screen and vinyl to provide a panoramic view. If accidentally distorted it will return to original shape in minutes. Simply clean with mild dish washing detergent and protect them with vinyl cleaner available from our dealers.


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