What our Clients are saying...

Husband or TOOL TIME? 
I love my husband dearly and god bless him for trying but the last time he did home renovations my patio door ended up slanted so much that it made me dizzy. Through a friend I heard of your company and I’m so happy that I gave you a call. Not only did you fix the mistakes that my husband made on our patio door but also completed the installation of my new windows on schedule with a reasonable price. I should send my husband to take lessons from your installers, they did an excellent job.



Happiness and Tranquility
My wife and I are senior citizens and usually have a hard time dealing with a salesman, however your professionals provided us with a pleasant experience. We would like to thank you so much for taking the time for us to understand exactly what was required along with costs and options. It has been a great experience dealing with your company and I definitely would recommend you to my friends.

Many thanks,



Rags to Riches!
Last year I purchased my first starter home that really needed a lot of work. The windows were old and the frames were all cracked, the outside paint was peeling, not to mention the ancient doors that were not secure and made me feel unsafe in my own home. I can’t believe the difference in my home now, the new siding, windows and doors have already increased the value of my home. Now, my home looks new from the outside and I feel safe once again with the new doors and deadbolts. Thank you so much for working out the options for financing, I never thought that it would be possible for me to afford all of these renovations at once but your payment plan really gave me the opportunity to now enjoy my home.

Thank you,



How Fast is That?
I knew that raising children would have its ups and downs but never did I think that their hockey puck would fly through my kitchen window. Thank you so much for the urgency in replacing the window for me, the new frame and style looks awesome.


Hockey Dad